Diese Website sammelt Beispiele, Meinungen, Werkzeuge für Journalistinnen und Journalisten, die beruflich im Social Web agieren. Ziel ist ein einfaches Archiv, auch für die Seminare von Ulf Grüner und Team.
Ihre Vorschläge, Erfahrungen, Tipps bitte direkt in unser Uservoice-Forum mit Bewertungsoption: Welche Themen, Werkzeuge, Strategien muss ein Social-Media-Redakteur kennen und/oder können?


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Unsere eigenen Dokumente (Seminar-Material) bei Slideshare.net:

Most Stunning Twitter Visualizations

chethstudios Design Magazine empfiehlt als sehenswerte und nützliche Tools:

Tori’s eye is a
Twitter visualization tool, inspired by papercraft and origami. It’s a visual and technical experiment implemented using only standard XHTML/CSS and Javascript.

Visible tweets is very very gorgeous! one of the most neat and beautiful
visualization ever
Twitter has seen

Twittospheric is beautiful don’t dare disagree with me ;) haha just kidding I know you will love this. Just enter a search query or a
twitter username and watch over the
twitter bird flying gracefully with
tweets related to your
search query. Its beautiful. Yes it is! It has real-time
twitter updates so don’t hit refresh again just enjoy the view.

The Social Collider reveals cross-connections between conversations on
Twitter. This experiment explores these possibilities by starting with messages on the microblogging-platform
Twitter. One can search for usernames or topics, which are tracked through time and visualized much like the way a particle collider draws pictures of subatomic matter. Posts that didn’t resonate with anyone just connect to the next item in the stream. The ones that did, however, spin off and horizontally link to users or topics who relate to them, either directly or in terms of their content.

Twistori displays all what we love, hate, believe, think, feel and wish. So the next time you feel a little low on
twitter switch on to one of these modes and trust me the feeling! its magical.

Minsh a start-up by PhD students at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, is a 3D visualisation of what
Twitter users are writing about.Users can tweet by clicking on chat bubbles and reply by the same route. It consists of an underwater navigable world where each fish represents a
Twitter user.Unfortunately, at this time you cannot sign up for Minsh as it’s not accepting new users before the new (alpha) version is released, but you can see what it’s about in the video.

Monitter is a real-time
visualization of of
Twitter trends. Type in keywords and see
tweets as they occur. It’s the ultimate way to keep informed at a conference (i.e. #SXSW) or to see retweets in action. Monitter also provides geographic searches of
tweets and the ability to turn the stream into an RSS feed.

Twittearth is a 3D model of
tweets from around the world. Plugs in
tweets and visualizes them on a globe.

Twittervision is another geographic
visualization of
tweets from around the world. It has both 2D and 3D
visualization, as well as integration with Facebook. It even has its own API so that others can easily publish locations and statuses through Twittervision.

Twitter StreamGraphs is another data-based
visualization of
Twitter trends. Instead of loading bar charts or line items, it uses stream graphs to display words and tags associated with a keyword, based on a thousand recent

Pepsi’s SXSW Twitter Visualizer is a
visualization of chatter at the 2009 South by Southwest Conference (SXSW). It pulls recent
tweets, graphs how many people are eating, drinking, or registering for the conference, and even has a party tracker. The principles behind this
visualization could be useful for not only other conferences, but for any major event.

Twitterfall is a way of viewing the latest ‘tweets’ of upcoming trends and custom searches on the micro-blogging site
Twitter. Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime.You can also view your timeline, as you would normally see it in
Twitter. This allows you to follow all of your friends while still using our service. This can be done by logging in and then selecting “Show my Timeline”.

Twitt3D – A very interesting visual tool. It lets you follow your
tweets in 3D; after entering your
Twitter username and password, you can use the arrow keys to navigate and the space bar to quickly change perspectives.

Stweet is a mix of street and twitt, offering a real new way to discover geolocalised twitts from
Twitter on a Google Street View panorama.Stweet is an artistic project dealing with the appropriation of geographical, photographic and real-time data from the Web.

Kompletten Beitrag vom August 2009 lesen bei chethstudios.

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